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Reiki for Anxiety/Depression

Anxiety and depression can affect any individual irrespective of age and sex. The condition often arises due to high expectations of self.  It may affect sleep, concentration, level of thinking, appetite and psychological conditions. Reiki can be used effectively to assist in the healing process and speed up recovery time. 

With regular Reiki for this issue, anger and restlessness as well as unexplained headaches, stomach ache and back pain can be eased. It can also lower the risk of being addicted to drugs and alcohol etc. Reiki heals depression from its root and can free anyone from suicidal thoughts. Reiki is effective when used along with regular medical treatment.

Scientific research has proved the positive effects of Reiki on anxiety/depression. Primarily, Reiki reduces the mental stress, anxiety, depression and the pains associated with it.  Any negative thoughts, emotions and feelings interrupt the flow of life force in your body. Reiki produces a positive effect by dissolving the blocks in the flow of energy. 

In a spiritual way, Reiki for depression can go a long way to heal the source of the inner issues and help a person lead a happy and prosperous life.

A special treatment plan can be discussed.  Please see our Reiki treatment prices.