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Reiki for Relationship Healing

Humans are naturally social beings and cannot live in isolation for long periods of time. Our relationships help to ground and connect us. There are times in our life though that we simply cannot resolve certain relationship issues. Some are too unstable and some have an old connection that lingers on.

In some case there may be some unresolved issues that can help heal a relationship which does not seem to be moving forward despite efforts.

Reiki energy flows across space and time. It targets where healing needs to occur without asking why. A healing session for a couple will channel Reiki to the individual so that it can heal what needs to be healed. The energy goes to the source and begins to heal the reason behind the issue and not the issue itself.

Reiki works very well in relationship healing. Even if only one person wants to heal a relationship, Reiki works it’s magic for the greatest good of all.

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