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Reiki/Spiritual Counselling

When Spiritual Counselling is mentioned, the mind may start to imagine thoughts as to its benefits and if at all, the outcome will be any better than ‘traditional’ forms of counselling.

All forms of counselling have a place in this world and with that, what works for some people may not work for others. There may be some people that prefer to spend months to years going to a Counsellor and never truly finding an end to their suffering. There may also be some that come to the cause of their emotional turmoil quickly and without too much pain.

When combining Reiki with Spiritual Counselling, finding your own way out of the emotional maze can be faster and clearer. It will work with you, not on you.  It works from a pure, raw and fresh place to unlock that door that you may have been hiding behind for a long time. We work together to dissolve the fears within.

There will be no true benefit to using Counselling if the client is not on their own journey of self discovery and freedom from mind blocks. 

If the time is right and you feel stuck, lost or sick, then you will be ready to shift what is needed for your next stage of the journey.

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