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Reiki Reading

Reiki Reading is a healing technique that is used as as part of a standard treatment. All people have intuition (or guides) and during a treatment, messages are received from them, as well as deceased 'loved ones'. Messages are always unique for each person but all have the same undertone of unconditional love, guidance, patience, and wisdom. 

Messages received usually come in to help guide or assist with issues or decisions that the person may be facing in their lives. It can help to heal old hurts on an emotional and soul level.  Sometimes in addition to the guidance, spirits will just come in to provide more healing. 

In addition to communicating with spirit, negative energies (or cords) coming from people who are still living may be seen on a person. During the healing, (with permission), cords to past and present people, places, or things that are bringing the person down and causing stress and unhappiness can be removed. Cords are very common!! 

All messages and cord-cutting are communicated to the client in real time so that the person is conscious of what is being healed and what negative energy is being removed. It gives a client an opportunity to ask questions as well. 

Incorporating what is seen heard and felt during a standard Reiki treatment has produced some amazing results! 

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