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Reiki Treatments

A Reiki treatment is effective for addressing the following issues/conditions:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety;
  • Improving overall well-being;
  • Minimising discomfort from acute or chronic pain conditions;
  • Reducing recovery time from injuries or surgery;
  • Setting healthier habits; and
  • Promoting emotional healing within relationships.

What to expect in a Reiki treatment?

Reiki treatments are offered in a safe, compassionate, respectful, and non-judgmental environment. Clients are encouraged to view a session as part of their overall wellness journey, one that they enter into freely and take responsibility for self-care and inquiry into the resolution of their issues.

For those new to Reiki, a client remains fully clothed during a treatment while either laying on a massage table or seated in a chair. Other adjustments can be made to accommodate current health issues or disabilities.  A series of hand positions, applied gently on or just above different areas of the body are used to sense areas of imbalance and help stimulate the body’s self-correcting mechanisms. 

A quiet, deeply relaxed state is encouraged for restorative healing. The more balanced you are, the easier your body is able to heal itself. Reiki strengthens your natural balance within to keep you at your optimum health.

What to expect after a Reiki treatment?

The outcome after a session is usually feeling refreshed, serene, relaxed with an increase in positive energy. Most feel almost immediately that any pain or stress they had felt disappears.

Individual healing response times may vary, although people who are addressing a specific issue usually experience positive results in a shorter period of time with a series of weekly or twice-weekly sessions (4-6 in total).

If you have a serious or chronic condition multiple sessions are advisable until your symptoms are completely gone. Your body will pick up the healing Reiki energy where it left off the next time you have another session. 

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